'Sara, The Desk Traveler' is Released

'Sara, The Desk Traveler' is Released

HARTFORD, Conn., Jan. 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ After months of diligent work and taking its cues from both the real world and the author's bold creativity, Beth Kellar Uniacke is delighted to announce the release of 'Sara, The Desk Traveler.'


Some girls can't resist a mystery, so when thirteen-year-old Sara finds the key to a locked drawer in an antique desk, she has to open it.

Sara never imagines turning the key will transport her back into the desk's past, when it belonged to a young woman called Victoria. Victoria's equally surprised to have a smart-mouthed tomboy from the future materialize in her bedroom.

The two very different girls develop a strong friendship as they attempt to get Sara back to her own time. Sara learns of Victoria's love for David, a love threatened by an overly protective and bitter mother.

A secret guest in Victoria's house, Sara tries to bring her new friend and David together and solve a family mystery, but living in the past makes Sara progressively weaker. Unless the two girls can figure out the desk's powers soon, Sara may run out of time before she returns to the future.

As the author explains, the idea of a magical desk is a unique fusion of fact and fiction.

"Many years ago I bought an antique desk for my daughter. As I sat back and really admired it, my head filled with images of its previous owners. The fact that it was a mystery allowed my mind to run wild - eventually spawning an idea that became Sara's story," says Uniacke.

Continuing, "While it fascinated me as an adult, I was filled with an abundance of ideas as to how the desk's 'story' could allow a child's imagination to run wild, too. Young readers love the mystery genre, which tied in perfectly with the unknown history of the desk. Who knows - perhaps it really is magic?"

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews.

'Sara, The Desk Traveler' is available on and

About the Author:

Beth Kellar Uniacke lives in Connecticut. She began writing 'Sara, The Desk Traveler' seventeen years ago, when she lived with her two children in Naperville, Illinois. Like the love letter in the story, the unfinished manuscript lay hidden in a desk drawer until the time came for Beth to finish the story.

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'Sara, The Desk Traveler' is Released

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