S.J. Whitney Debuts With 'Game of Nines'

From S.J. Whitney comes "Game of Nines," a compelling work of fiction that centers on Steven, Natasha and Melody, three lives that entwine to bring about lives less ordinary. Their lives are more complicated than one might first think. Eventually, this is what brings them to their actions - actions that unfold their lives to an ultimate end.

Looking for work after being rejected by others, Melody finds one on the farm of a local man who has one son, Steven. After a while, Steven's father must go away on business, leaving him in the care of Melody and her only daughter, Natasha. Being raised by Melody and spending time with Natasha, Steven soon finds himself growing up faster than he ever thought. Being the only ones on the farm most of the time, they learn how life can quickly change, and how passions can grow.

One fateful day, things change when they meet Jake and his sisters, Susan and Georgina. Being a fair bit younger than Jake and his sisters, Natasha and Steven experience yet another part of life unknown to them as they embark on a friendship that would change their lives forever.

Meanwhile, the town is put on alert upon news of a murder close by, then yet another and another. Soon, there is a spate of murders. Discovering that the murders are all linked, and all being labeled crimes of passion, it becomes known as the Casanova Killer.

A coming-of-age tale made imposing with mystery, tension and crime, "Game of Nines" is an intriguing and intelligent puzzle and probably one of the most astonishing debuts in the thriller genre.

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