Ronald Lee Geigle Releases 'The Woods'

WASHINGTON, Dec. 25, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ The opening chapter of Ronald Lee Geigle's new novel, The Woods, set in the Pacific Northwest at the end of the Great Depression, is being presented in serial form starting today. The novel is being published in association with WordVirgin, an indie publishing platform based in Washington, DC, Seattle, and Edinburgh.

The Woods is a saga of love, grand dreams, and transformation that takes place in the world of railroad logging and labor unrest in the Pacific Northwest during 1937. It is now available at .

Installment One, The Woods:

Spring, 1937


That was the word, Albert decided. That was the word that described it all. And because he was good with words, Albert knew that he'd found the right one.

Though just ten miles up the valley from Albert's home in Seakomish, the Skybillings Logging Company was a taste of the magic he'd longed for in all of his eighteen yearsor at least all of those that he could remember. Repairing the tracks in a logging railwaywhich carried ancient firs from the high reaches of the Cascade Mountains to the lumber mills along Puget Soundgave him blisters that bled and arms that hung like cord wood at the end of the day. But the cold air six thousand feet up in the mountains made him feel warm.

Since the day six weeks earlier when he had arrived at Skybillings Logging Company, Albert had worked for Nariff Olben and his crew laying the tracksthey called them "sections"for the rough-hewn Skybillings railroad line that inched its way up the Cascade Mountains from Seakomish. The Skybillings track climbed the grade along Roosevelt Creek, with its boulders and hard-charging water; wound through the towering Douglas firs that crowded the steep inclines of the Cascade Range; thenmiles later and many thousands of feet higherfinally broke into the sunlight along the sharp edge of a deep and wide ravine.

Skybillings Lumber Company wasn't the only one to lay down a logging railroad high in the Cascades, of course. Skybillings was one of hundreds of railroad logging companiesthe locals called them logging "shows"that operated in the Cascades during the late 1930s.

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