RJ Parker Publishing Releases True Crime Book by Dane Ladwig

Identity of 125-year-old notorious serial killer, who ravaged the streets of London, is finally revealed. Where authors and investigators have failed to establish a concrete connection between a killer and the murders, supporting evidence shows Chicago's diabolical serial killer, Dr. Henry Howard H. H. Holmes, was overlooked as a prime suspect in the Jack the Ripper murders of 1888. In his new book, Dr. H. H. Holmes and The Whitechapel Ripper, Author Dane Ladwig confirms that Dr. Holmes was in London at the time of the murders and that Dr. Holmes held a residence in Whitechapel. Furthermore, Holmes' identity had been concealed from the investigation as a direct result of his connection to a very influential family connected to Parliament. The insight into Dr. Holmes' world of twisted exploits and the missed evidence in the Ripper case files that should have prompted investigators to examine Dr. Holmes is shocking.

The book video trailer for Dr. H. H. Holmes and The Whitechapel Ripper shattered and surpassed all other video book trailers within its first six months exceeding over 400,000 views.Dane Ladwig has received global attention and he was given a commendation from the General Assembly for his literary achievements.

Contact: Dane Ladwig
??1053 Dartmouth Drive
??Bartlett, IL 60103
??(630) 903-7934

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