R.D. Shah Unveils Murder Mystery in RELICS

R.D. Shah Unveils Murder Mystery in RELICS

To discover the truth, one must first uncover the lies. When a [Catholic priest hangs himself during the pope's inauguration, his friend and ex-priest, Alex Harker, is dragged into a secret war that has been playing out on the fringes of society since the birth of Christ. The suicide sets into motion a planned timetable of terrifying events that will irrevocably change the world. With the clock ticking and pursued by a murderous assassin, Harker must track down and decipher the pieces of the puzzle laid down for him by his dead friend to reveal a truth - so shocking, so startling - that it could literally enslave the minds of every human being on the planet and transform mankind's destiny forever.

Relics by R.D. Shah is a [murder mystery thriller revolving around a vicious, unscrupulous sect trying to dominate the Catholic Church and an age old organization (the legendry knights Templar) fighting to stop them. The book focuses on the Magi's quest to infiltrate the papacy and create a clone of Jesus Christ by procuring blood stained relics that hold the blood, and therefore DNA of Christ and in doing so, usher in the belief of the second coming with them at the head of the church.

Professor Alex Harker is an ex-catholic priest who has lost his faith and has become an archeologist, working at Cambridge University to uncover real histories. Whilst investigating the suicide of a priest friend, he is pulled into a secretive war for control of the Catholic Church which has been playing out on the fringes of society for thousands of years. Meanwhile, Sebastian Brulet, grandmaster of the legendary Knights Templar, a secretive organization for good that has been watching and protecting the Catholic Church from the sidelines against elements looking to harm or control it at any cost, is also looking for answers.

A mysterious sect known only as the Magi, lead by John Wilcox, one of four brothers who descended from the famed three wise kings and who have been seeking to infiltrate the church for their own benefit, and in doing so fulfill Wilcox's sinister plans.

Drazia Heldon, a seven foot brutish Magi assassin, however, has orders to stop Alex Harker at any cost and retrieve certain relics that lie at the heart of the Magi's quest for domination of the church. Rino Perone, a hardnosed, no nonsense superintendent of the Italian police also comes into the picture and pursues Alex Harker under the wrongful belief that the archeologist is responsible for the host of murders that Heldon has left in his wake.