Philosophy and Religion Intermarried in PHIILO OF RELI

Philosophy and Religion Intermarried in PHIILO OF RELI

Award-winning poet Nosael Gy Gleason observed that people are appreciative, or at least tolerant, of others with different preferences in food, dress, and the like. However, when it comes to religion, common sense for the welfare of others, for the betterment of humanity or for promoting peace gets replaced by a sense of righteousness and bitter judgment. Hence, a new book entitled Philo of Reli has materialized that will compel readers to question the reality of knowing, of believing, and of deciding whether philosophy - which at times contributes to the confusion - and religion could be intermarried.

Gleason's book journeys through the depths of passion and prudence, of belief and rationality, of theology and philosophy. Loosely interlinked ordinary people represent moral allegories that attempt to explain whether free will or determinism exists, or whether humanity simply exists in a random set of events. The book's overall theme is the merging of religious credos with philosophical underpinnings, the thematic crux of this fictional novel.

There are various characters that weave and telescope in and out of what seems like a state of flux and chaos, but with a degree of predictability, as if atoms bouncing from one another to create nuclear fission. It has similarities to the frame story exemplified by The Canterbury Tales and 1001 Nights, where each character tells a story, whose stories are randomly moving parts of a whole, loosely held together by chance and fate. For example, a minor character becomes the highlight of Gleason's next chapter and as a result there are no true protagonists or one predominant setting. The scenes shift from Eastern Europe to Scandinavia to the United States based on movements by individual characters.

A love story of poly-plots and poly-protagonists, filled with pathos, bathos and ethos that suffuse every human drama, but with passions that are tempered with prudence, Philo of Reli is indeed a groundbreaking work that brings to life many philosophical and theological concepts put forward by several notable philosophers. Readers will be left wondering about the probability of the butterfly effect, Intelligent Design versus Darwinism, determinism or free will, and other more controversial and practical issues.

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