Paul Galy Releases THE 4TH OF MAY

Paul Galy Releases THE 4TH OF MAY

There are memories etched in the mind forever. No matter how much time passed, or how much changed, those moments will always follow a person, haunt him until he gives in and walks down that lane once again. Author Paul Galy shares his past to the rest of the world with his new publication, The 4th of May. It all started with a blood oath they made as a child. Paul and Gabi grew together in post-WW II communist Hungary.

They are the memories of a child conceived in the aftermath of a racial war, growing up in the midst of a class war tearing apart Hungarian society, ultimately needing to flee with his family to Australia, a foreign land at the other side of the world. Three traumatized children told their stories to each other and then took a blood oath never to reveal them.

On his deathbed, Gabi releases Paul from a blood oath they made as children to never tell their terrible secrets about growing up in post-WW II communist Hungary. Paul's grief for Gabi becomes a grief for his childhood, his family tree and the struggles of his community. It is a personal oral history, a family history and a community history submerged in trauma, but it is much more than a saga about loss and grief. His memories emerge with a striking richness of details and emotion.

This book is also about moving from survival to something new, sweet and substantial, through the prism of Paul's childhood innocence. It highlights bullying, racial discrimination and how to deal with it. Galy's coming-of age journey is as intoxicating as it is shocking. It is a personable, gripping and astonishing true-life story that captivates the reader.

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