Patricia Blaine Releases 'Change Your Words, Change Your Worth'

Patricia Blaine Releases 'Change Your Words, Change Your Worth'

In the spirit of William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White's well-known writing guide "The Elements of Style," comes "Change Your Words, Change Your Worth: How to Get a Job, a Promotion, and More by Speaking and Writing Effectively" (published by iUniverse), a new guide to speaking and writing better in the workplace and elsewhere authored by Patricia Blaine.

Blaine's work as a professional medical writer has given her the unique insights that make up "Change Your Words, Change Your Worth." Her primary goal is to provide readers with a clear and concise guide to writing office documents, communications, and résumés as well as avoiding verbal pitfalls. She includes some of the most prevalent pronunciation errors, misused and overused words, and common errors in sentence structure.

"The theme is how to succeed in being hired for a job, being promoted, and being successful in social interactions by correcting speech and writing errors," says Blaine. "The book also addresses résumé and social media mistakes that will send job applications to the trash basket."

"Change Your Words, Change Your Worth" assists readers with non-work-related communication as well. Blaine aims to help readers become more confident in their speech and social skills in order to sound better-educated and avoid social media blunders.

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