PASSIVE CONFLICT Recounts Stories of Struggles, Hardship and Survival During World War II

PASSIVE CONFLICT Recounts Stories of Struggles, Hardship and Survival During World War II

The Island of Jersey is a part of the British Empire, and the Crown's oldest possession. Hitler has to prove to his military and to his country that he can be the first leader to set foot on British soil since William the Conqueror, which was nearly a thousand years ago. Besides, he believes, he can use it as a stepping stone to Britain. The Islands are to be demilitarized and so, Charlie Smith a British Royal Navy Serviceman had to evacuate leaving his family behind.

"Passive Conflict" written by author Irene Camus Smith is a true account of a British family who lived on Jersey Island, the largest of the Channel Islands but were torn apart by the events of World War II. Charles Smith, a half French, half English sea man in his mid-forties has been called back to active duty in the Royal Navy. He left his family on the Island of Jersey knowing that they will also evacuate before the Germans invaded the island.

The tiny town of St. Helier was in absolute chaos. There were people from all over the Island queuing up at the banks to withdraw their money to flee the Island. At the same time, there were also queuing up at the shipping offices to book their passages to England. They were all hell bent on fleeing the island. They did not seem to worry about the way they would have to travel. Their only concern was to get away before the German army arrived. However, Charles wife Maggie, their children, and the rest of the Smith family decided to stay in the Island.

When the Germans finally arrived, they bombed St. Helier's harbour and King George had decided not to defend the Channel Islands. The bombing of the harbour had been so unexpected. Everything had changed in the island of Jersey. The people of the Channel Islands were not Jews, Poles, or Russians but Britons who had to be treated accordingly. The German plot was to make the people see that nothing would change when they took over England. But as the war rages on for years, the Smith family and the rest of those who preferred to stay have realized that the sad realities of war is definitely upon them.

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