New Poetry Collection, 'Hear Her Heart, Heed Her Voice!' is Released

From author and Broadway performer Meera Popkin comes a compilation of writings and sayings aimed to brighten readers' days. The contents of "Hear Her Heart, Heed Her Voice!" actually started out as Facebook entries before metamorphosing over a period of four years, turning into an inspirational and lyrical journey of melody and prayer.

A humorous, uplifting and relaxing reading experience awaits those willing to "Hear Her Heart, Heed Her Voice!" Popkin provides a collection of rhymes and verses that can bring a smile to readers' faces and calm to their lives. Filled with sincere and thoughtful words of wisdom and love, Popkin's book is good for the heart and soul, and conveys words that truly come from the heart.

"This book is funny and relaxing. If I am stressed out, this book can calm me down. It has really good poetry and juicy words. Sometimes it makes me cry, sometimes it makes me happy. It makes me have good dreams, not nightmares. But most of all, it makes you feel loved no matter what happens," says Kayla Tarack, co-author of "Where Your Love Is."

"I think the book is very soothing in souls and very calm in how she put it in her own way. She is very loving in her own way so I know she writes very great books. She is also a great mom and author," reports Kol Popkin, co-author of "Where Your Love Is."

An overwhelmingly pleasant reading experience awaits readers in the pages of Popkin's book, as they read rhymes and verses that will allow them to "Hear Her Heart, Heed Her Voice!"

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