New Picture Books A KID'S WORLD PART ONE is Released

New Picture Books A KID'S WORLD PART ONE is Released

According to author J.B. Ralph, the innate uniqueness and idiosyncrasies makes it a challenge to communicate with everyone while treating them as though they were all the same, especially in the classroom setting, where teachers have discovered that stimulating every child's thinking process and helping them to find the truth in their reality can be very difficult. This is where Ralph's picture book comes in, by giving children and adults a fun-filled shared learning experience that will take them inside "A Kid's World."

Ralph's books are vehicles of unrelated little stories, vignettes and observations that portray a child's awe, dream-like wonder and simple descriptions of the world and its inhabitants. These descriptions dovetail with the author's mission to entertain, to educate, and to attract and stimulate his young audience's interest in examining dreams, fantasies and other influences in their lives. The author calls it the "interesting process of gaining maturity and sophistication."

A child can certainly gain a message different than that on the mind of the author. It is a type of teaching technique through reverse psychology, one that utilizes a child's connecting to reality while he or she still is unfamiliar with many things. It is a purpose wonderfully circumscribed by this provocative juvenile reading experience.

By portraying "A Kid's World," Ralph hopes that even the youngest child will be stimulated to be thinking, evaluating, and might even be saying, "That's not me. I don't have to believe that, and I would never say or do that. I'm not a child anymore." Through this, Ralph aims to help them take a real step on the road to maturity, facilitating their personal growth and development through shared experiences with their parents, family members and teachers.

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