New Picture Book by Mariah-Cantone-Basile is Released

June 3
7:12 2014
New Picture Book by Mariah-Cantone-Basile is Released


Her name is Katrina and she is the most beautiful Gymnast Fairy in Fairyland. She has the most colorful and transparent wings, anyone could ever see. When she flew up into the branches of the tree, they were a transparent pink as the sun peered through them, expressing all the colours of the rainbow.

"The Adventures of Katrina the Rhythmic Gymnast Fairy" written by Mariah Cantone-Basile tells the story of Katrina, a gymnast fairy in Fairyland and some of the most exciting adventures and events she actively participates during the various seasons of the year.

Fairyland is always magical every season of the year with various events and festivities that Katrina joins in and performs her routines being a great gymnast. During winter, the fairies put on a fair for all the children to attend. On the first day of autumn, Katrina and her friends train and compete for the Fairy's Gymnastic Competition, the most spectacular event of the year. When spring season sets in, she prepares for a Christmas concert and come September, there's the biggest and most elaborate Fairy Festival that takes place in all of Fairyland.

Colorful, amazing and spectacular in every illustration and description, "The Adventures of Katrina the Rhythmic Gymnast Fairy" is a fascinating read that will stir children's curiosity and imagination into the enchanting world of fairies. A book full of fun, entertainment and excitement, Cantone-Basile has written a wonderful children's story that even adult readers will sure to appreciate.


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