New Memoir THE GREEN SIDE OF A WOMAN is Released

According to the United Nations Demographic Yearbook, the ten countries with the highest divorce rates are: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Cayman Islands, the United States, Bermuda, Cuba, Lithuania and the Czech Republic.

Educator Kertsin Dahlin-Hedenblad found a surprising inner strength during her divorce after 30 years of marriage, and she wondered if other women in her situation had similar experiences.

As a form of therapy, Dahlin-Hedenblad hosted conversations with women of two very different cultures-Kenya and Sweden, the foundation of her new documentary-style memoir "The Green Side of a Woman."

"I've seen so much strength in women," Dahlin-Hedenblad says. "Women have the strength to rise from a destructive way of looking at themselves and their lives."

"The Green Side of a Woman" explores these women's position in society, in their occupations and at home, both in terms of how they are treated and how they feel about themselves as a result.

Speaking to these women and reflecting on her own experiences, Dahlin-Hedenblad discovered a universal theme: women tend to do a lot for others and neglect to think about themselves. Her goal with her new book is for women to find their own inner strength and focus on the power of the present.

"By reading this book I hope readers feel less alone in their circumstances," Dahlin-Hedenblad says. "I hope they get rid of their fears and act from that new consciousness, be it going for amelioration or taking steps towards life."

"The Green Side of a Woman" by Kerstin Dahlin-Hedenblad
Paperback, $12.95
e-Book, $3.99
ISBN: 978-1-49170-440-0
Available at, and

About the author
Kerstin Dahlin-Hedenblad enjoys the finer things-wine, French cuisine, nature, gardens, fine art, literature, and the beauty of the human heart. She has a degree in Swedish and French literature. Happily divorced, she is the mother of two adult children. She lives in Båstad on the Swedish Riviera.

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