New Memoir Offers Insight to Vietnam War

New Memoir Offers Insight to Vietnam War

As a university professor, author Luis R. Pastrana-Silva has spent years molding the minds of the young men and women attending his classes, preparing them to meet the challenges of the world and overcome them. The invaluable lessons he has passed on come, in turn, from the pivotal experiences that have shaped Pastrana-Silva's own life; some of the most important of these come from his own college years and his time in the US Army. He chronicles these in his new book, "Mi Vida...en uniforme" showing readers how he became the man he is today, and how the world changed around him along the way.

In English, the book's title means "My Life... in uniform" and is a sequel to his first book, titled "Mi Calle, Mi Barrio, Mi Pueblo," which again translated to English means "My Street, My Neighborhood, My Town." Each of these books narrates distinct and instrumental phases of Pastrana-Silva's life, with all the anecdotes, persons and situations that affected his growth and development. "Mi Vida" starts where the previous book ends, in Puerto Rico, with the author attending the University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras campus, a student amongst many others, enjoying his young adulthood with friends, and a promising future of infinite probabilities and possibilities ahead of him. The book then takes readers to see Pastrana-Silva's life as a United States Army officer, a career that would last for twenty one years, taking him to the frontlines of Vietnam, as well as a series of very challenging and rewarding tours of duty around the world. These formative years were not easy, but they gave Pastrana-Silva a profound insight into life, some very happy and others quite sad, which he wishes to impart to his readers.

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