New Book 'Remain In My Love' Is Released

New Book 'Remain In My Love' Is Released


Denis ~ Marie cried for help and asked for deliverance from the agents of the Evil One and sought the restoration of God's divine love, and the words of "Remain In My Love" was the response that brought him succor. His book contains messages from the Lord Jesus and is for Christian readers who wish to attain a new level of relationship with their Savior and overcome the many challenges in their lives while remaining in His love.

This book is a collection of inspired messages from the Lord Jesus. It is a powerful wake-up call for believers to return to Him and remain in His divine love in the face of the challenges of daily living. In the book, and through Marie's words, Jesus speaks:

"Son of man; when will you learn? When will you grow up? When will you throw away your foolishness and see that the Lord your God is God indeed and capable of giving you peace, true and genuine peace that no one and nothing can ever give?"

"Is there anything greater than my love? Is there anything more precious than it? In me there is safety in all dimensions of your life, in all of them."

"Come, come to me this day in true sorrow and repentance and I will forgive you, heal you and give you peace."

Marie's inspirational Christian book is a meditative and contemplative message from the Lord, calling on readers to open themselves, yield to Him and allow their being to be transformed. It will help faithful readers, Catholics and other Christians alike, to rise and grow deeper in their relationship with the Marvelous Lord and Master Jesus and to be renewed by His touch, which totally transforms the lives of those who receive it.