New Book Offers Tips to Help Children Overcome Bullying

New Book Offers Tips to Help Children Overcome Bullying

Porirua, New Zealand

Jessica doesn't know what to do. She is being bullied at school and is afraid to tell anyone in case it makes everything worse. The whole thing is making her feel sick, she can't concentrate and doesn't want to go to school anymore until her mom shows her a magical way to feel better.

Although the story is fictional, the situation it describes is growing increasingly more common, and the magic is very real. A new book, Discover the Magic of EFT for Bullying, introduces children and their families to a highly effective technique called EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping. EFT is a quick, easy, and simple tool that helps children all over the world overcome bullying.

EFT involves lightly tapping with the fingers on a series of acupressure points around the head and torso. When accompanied by selected words and phrases, EFT helps eliminate the victim's response to the bully. When the bully doesn't get the reaction they are looking for, the bullying often stops.

"This book gives children the opportunity to do something and take control of what can feel like a hopeless situation," says Debby Guddee, the book's author, who was bullied herself from childhood to early adulthood. "I wish I could have had known about EFT when I was being bullied," Guddee said. "I could have overcome it myself, and so much earlier."

Told in the form of an illustrated short story, the book also offers tap-along guides for each of the four major types of bullying: verbal, intimidating or covert, physical, and cyber-bullying. The bottom line is that, using the tools provided in the book, victims of bullying feel better, gain confidence, and can take control of both the situation and how they are feeling about it in a safe and effective way.