New Book Contains 'The Invitation' is Released

July 15
7:06 2014
New Book Contains 'The Invitation' is Released

United Kingdom

"Today's society is lost in a whirl of information and many people are dissatisfied with humdrum existence or battered by depression and fears. It is easy to settle for less in life by simply not knowing what we are being offered," says author Molly Sutherland. "This is the reason I wrote The Invitation: to spell out what God is offering us all. There is so much more to living an abundant life, but will we realize it and choose to accept The Invitation?"

This book is written in simple, conversational language, often addressing the reader directly. The first two chapters have bite-sized chunks of text interspersed with excellent illustrations that capture the reader's imagination and help them grasp the ideas communicated. The author tells her own story in another chapter, and adds stories from people who genuinely became aware of the reality of God in their lives. While the presentation is simple, the concepts are deep and challenge the reader to a genuine and fresh way of living. Molly Sutherland longs for the reader to discover that there is more to life for them, and that they might desire to check it out for themselves - to respond to "The Invitation" and find a new and fulfilling way of living, hand in glove with the God of love.

"The Invitation" has evolved out of the author's ministry, having taught classes for over twenty years to give people a new perspective on how to live life. Thousands of people from all walks of life have been changed for the better. Many have reported feeling lighter, brighter and more fulfilled. Molly Sutherland wrote this book to reach more people with the same message. It is possible to live abundant and fruitful lives if we choose to do things God's way.


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