New 2016 SAT Test Prep Book Released

New 2016 SAT Test Prep Book Released

Santa Rosa, Calif.

David Benjamin Gruenbaum, one of the nation's premier SAT and test prep specialists, has released the first test prep book covering the newly announced 2016 SAT-Ahead of the Class: New SAT 2016 - First Look.

The book comes on the heels of the first test samples released last week by the College Board after the announcement last month (March 5, 2014) of a significant redesign to the SAT test that will first be administered in Spring of 2016.

Gruenbaum's book clears up SAT myths, dispels assumptions regarding the New SAT, gives tips for handling the new sections of the New SAT, and tells students which current SAT/ACT material they can use to start practicing now for the New SAT.

The Class of 2017 may be able to avoid the New SAT altogether: "Math will count for a higher percentage of the score on the New SAT. Therefore students who are stronger in English may be better off taking the Current SAT." "The key thing is to start early," says Gruenbaum. "If you start early, you can change your scores dramatically."

Here are a couple of peeks inside the New SAT:

  • It won't have a correction factor or penalize you for marking the wrong answer.
  • You won't be able to use a calculator on every math question since there will be 20 questions that are calculatorless-new word by David that typifies his unique blend of education and humor.
  • The essay section has been improved- David wonders why make it better and then make it optional.
  • The Sentence Completion section will be eliminated in favor of vocabulary testing in context of a reading passage.

Gruenbaum has over 20 years of experience and has personally instructed over 6,000 students for the SAT. He has also appeared on top news shows and been featured in news publications such as The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, and others.

This is not the first time that Gruenbaum has been first on the block with the first book on the SAT. In 2004, Gruenbaum released the first SAT book for the then New SAT, which was administered in 2005. The earlier book-New SAT 2005: Inside Out-was a big success. "I had the market to myself for a little while in 2005, which was great." Here we are again!"

Thousands of students have been accepted to the finest colleges in the nation as a result of Gruenbaum's work. And always working in an innovative mode, he is currently tuning up a cross-lingual course that will allow students to learn several languages at the same time.

Ahead of the Class New SAT 2016: First Look is currently available at

For more information on David Benjamin Gruenbaum visit Ahead of the Class.

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