Mystery, Murder and Côte de Nuits New Paperback is Released

Mystery, Murder and Côte de Nuits New Paperback is Released

New York, New York

Nightmare in Burgundy, a Winemaker Detective mystery, hits bookstores this week. Like its predecessors, this book provides an entertaining tour of French wine country. Along with mystery, intrigue and strong characters, readers learn about wines, local folklore, history and, this time, some Latin. There's suspense, suspicion, desperation, humor, lust and erudition.

The authors bring the scents, scenes and taste of France to life as wine expert Benjamin Cooker heads out on the trip of a wine-lover's dreams: a tasting tour of Burgundy. Cooker displays his customary calm, loyalty and tenacity as he comes to grips with the mystery he stumbles upon.

Publisher Anne Trager say, "This is a perfect series for escaping to France. The authors transport you there with their detailed descriptions. In addition to being a cozy mystery, each book pays homage to a different wine terroir. I've even used them as travel guides."

In Nightmare in Burgundy, expert wine critic Benjamin Cooker leaves his native Bordeaux for Burgundy, where he is accepted into a prestigious wine-tasting brotherhood. Soon, mysterious messages from another era start popping up. Can a local reporter and a elderly monk help Cooker and his assistant understand their meaning before more harm is done?

The Winemaker Detective series of cozy mysteries has over twenty books to it and has also been adapted into a hit television series in France known as "Blood of the Vine," with French actor Pierre Arditi.

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Other Books in the Series
The first in the series, Treachery in Bordeaux (9781939474025) takes readers behind the scenes of a grand cru wine estate that has fallen victim to either negligence or sabotage. World-renowned winemaker and critic Benjamin Cooker sets out to find out what happened and why. Who would want to target this esteemed vintner?

Grand Cru Heist (9781939474049) navigates from the Loire Valley to Bordeaux. In between a glass of Vouvray and a bottle of Saint-Émilion, the Winemaker Detective and his assistant Virgile turn PI to solve two murders and very peculiar heist. Who stole those bottles of grand cru classé?