'More Than Just A Voice: The REAL Secret to Voiceover Success' is Released

July 23
7:21 2014
'More Than Just A Voice: The REAL Secret to Voiceover Success' is Released

Las Vegas,NV

Voiceover Talent is so misunderstood. "I mean, it's just talking, right?" is a commonly heard remark about the profession. Yet, recently rated voice acting as the 2nd highest-paying freelance job by the hour. Clearly voice actors are doing more than "just talking". Dave Courvoisier knows. He's made a career of talking professionally. As a TV news anchorman for more than 30 years, The CBS affiliate where he works dominates the ratings in Las Vegas. But even that talking didn't prepare him for the challenging nuances of voice acting. So he began blogging about it. For seven years he dissected the finer points of the business of voice acting in his blog articles. People began to notice. Blog subscriptions increased. The articles piled up to the point where all that information deserved to be a book. It just need to be filtered, collated, categorized and organized. The result is: "More Than Just a Voice: The REAL Secret to Voiceover Success."

"So many people believe they can make of success of voiceovers because they have a nice speaking voice. That's about 10-20% of the requirement. The rest is being smart about building your freelance voiceover business," says Courvoisier. Hammering home that theme in his new book, Courvoisier includes some real-life experiences that led to epiphanies about voice acting in the age of the internet. Voiceover talent are equal parts promoter, audio engineer, bookkeeper, internet guru, and software/hardware experts. "My trials and errors on the road to Voiceover success come from hard-fought lessons learned. I've been blogging about it for seven years, and all those lessons are distilled into the book," adds Courvoisier.

"More Than Just a Voice: The REAL Secret to Voiceover Success" is like getting continuing education credits in voice acting. A practicing journalist of 30+ years, Dave Courvoisier began researching the voiceover profession for his own enlightenment early in the last decade. Then he began blogging... sharing his findings with anyone who was interested. Apparently a lot of people were. Voted as one of the top VO Bloggers in 2011, Dave started getting a following of interested readers in the freelance business of voiceovers.


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