Marilyn Vix Releases Second Ebook Paranormal Romance Novella “Never Fall For A Warlock”

Marilyn Vix Releases Second Ebook Paranormal Romance Novella “Never Fall For A Warlock”

San Jose, CA

In "Never Fall For A Warlock" (published by paranormal author Marilyn Vix carries the reader back into the paranormal fantasy world of Catherine, a witch with a cheating warlock husband. "I wanted to create a witch world that parallels our own. Not in a Harry Potter way, but more as a super powerful witch, such as Samantha from 'Bewitched' (the 60s TV sitcom). "Catherine represents many hurt woman that have been cheated on. The difference is she can blast her ex-husband to hell and back. But in like every world, there are rules. Her confusion leads her to a new distraction, Liam, an exotic dancer in Vegas."

Catherine has taken a chance on love. Another warlock has turned up in her life. Can she handle her new Aussie warlock, Jeff? Or is there something better around the corner? Confused between her husband cheating and a new flavor of warlock, Catherine runs out to find other options in the town famous for luck, Las Vegas. She runs straight into an exotic dancer named Liam. Irish, gorgeous, and James Bond flavored, he might be the answer to her no warlock plan. But Liam might be the forbidden fruit that could lead Catherine down a dangerous path. Will she run back to Jeff before it's too late? Or will she lose something more than just her heart?

An excerpt from "Never Fall For A Warlock": Pg. 5

"'I felt the sun blocked, and said, "Just put it on the table, please.'

'I would if it would fit,' said an unfamiliar voice in front of me.

I sat up and opened my eyes. Damn, if this wasn't a sight to behold. A superb hunk of hot, bulging, muscled flesh straight out of a Vegas strip show was standing before me covered with a crisp dress shirt hugging a well-formed chest. He had a gorgeous, chiseled face, a Pierce Brosnan look with piercing blue eyes stared back at me. 'You're not the waiter,' I said, a little dumbfounded.

'Do you want me to be?'

'Depends on what you serve.'

'Careful, honey. You might get what you ask for.' His Irish accent sent shivers between my legs. There is nothing sexier than a foreign accent.