Linda Abraham Releases LESSONS LEARNT

Linda Abraham Releases  LESSONS LEARNT

Alarmed by the rising number of assaults and victims of violence reported by the media, survivor and author Linda Abraham steps forward to tell her own account of the dark times of her life. A victim herself, Abraham pens poems as her way of coping with the depression her past had caused her, at the same time as a way of sharing the important "Lessons Learnt" in her life.

Abraham strongly believes that domestic violence is a community problem that does not discriminate between race, culture or socio-economic backgrounds. According to her, this is everyone's problem that should never be accepted or tolerated. Thus in her cause to spread awareness and with the hope society can work together and ultimately put a stop to it, she takes up the mighty pen and the paper to tell readers of the real effects of domestic violence. Vividly describing the assaults and the emotional blows to a woman's life and pride, this poetic revelation tells readers, victims and non-victims alike, more than the "whats" and the "whens" but most importantly the "hows" and the "Lessons Learnt" concerning domestic violence.

Providing a brief overview of what she thought to be the perfect relationship up to the time that it came crashing down as a result of domestic violence perpetrated by her husband towards her, this book of poetry tells many women how to spot the signs of a spiraling relationship. Seeking to empower women to fight and break away from the bonds of violence, Abraham leaves them with a powerful message, "Open your eyes to what you feel inside, you have a heart, spirit, and soul; look to the future and release the ties, for you have the right to take control."

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