Joshua Mendrala Set to Release 2nd Edition of 'Gifted'

Joshua Mendrala Set to Release 2nd Edition of 'Gifted'

After the first release of "Gifted," by Joshua Mendrala, a second, cleaner version of the book is preparing for it's release on June 1st, 2014. June 1st also marks the release of a limited edition hardcover copy of the book, containing chronologically organized pieces of "Gifted: The Prequels," a book coming out on June 15th. Along with snippets from "Gifted's" sequel, "Gifted: Academy."

Joshua Mendrala is very excited about the release of the 2nd edition, and says: "I've always wanted 'Gifted' to be more of an experience, than just a story. I think that this fully edited second edition will fulfill that, especially with the extended version of the book that features 'Gifted: The Prequels.'" Joshua has put a lot of work in making every piece of his story an experience to the reader, from a well-designed website that interacts with the book, to image-packed Facebook and Twitter pages. Joshua says that he believes the design of every little detail, from the cover page, to the Facebook page, is important for the readers experience.

Interested in getting the current, 1st edition of "Gifted?" You can find it on, Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and various other sites. If you want to wait for the improved, 2nd edition of Joshua Mendrala's book, then look for it on the same websites on June 1st, 2014.

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