Jennifer Gabou Releases 'Division I' Novel

Jennifer Gabou Releases 'Division I' Novel

The words sex secrets, disease, and pregnancy don't usually come to mind when thinking about NCAA Division I college athletics. Yet within the first moments of viewing the 60 second promotional video for the sports novel "Division I" (iUniverse) by Jennifer Gabou, they are singed into memory.

"The video was an important part of sharing my vision for the book," said Gabou in downtown Indianapolis, IN. A former NCAA Tennis Team Champion, #1 nationally ranked player, pro player, head coach, and University of Florida graduate she was inspired by her 20+ years in athletics. "My father, David Magley, played basketball for Kansas University and then for the Cleveland Cavaliers. My mother had a front seat to the circus that can sometimes be college sports."

A fiction, "Division I" is an insider's look at the shadows behind the bright lights of major NCAA college athleticsfrom a young woman's vantage point. Presenting an authentic representation of what it can be like to be a student-athlete was important to Gabou, "Often fans are watching NCAA College Football, March Madness, the College World Series and NCAA Tournaments but have little to no idea of what has happened on and off the court in the process."

Over 30 years have passed since the implementation of Title IX and little has been written in narrative form about the current immersion of female student-athletes into collegiate athletics. Gabou believes that now is an important time for the underbelly culture of student-athlete life to come to light, "There is a line on the back cover of the book that rings true for so many in today's billion dollar college industry," Gabou concluded. "Any and everything is possible in a world where football is king, winning is supreme, and all bow to the glory of sports."

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