Janet Killen and Aimee Lockwood Release THE MOONLIGHT FOXES

Janet Killen and Aimee Lockwood Release THE MOONLIGHT FOXES


Recalling the popular children's franchise, "The Animals of Farthing Wood," author Janet Killeen and artist Aimee Lockwood present their own lovingly illustrated children's book depicting the adventures of an unforgettable family of furry protagonists in "The Moonlight Foxes" (published by AuthorHouse). The tale follows a vulpine family as they struggle to survive amidst a strange environment while dealing with the responsibilities of parenthood and the innocent and carefree joys of fox cub life. This engaging reading experience is filled with invaluable life lessons and values for young readers everywhere.

In this story, a family of foxes must go on the run after they are driven from their woodland home. They find shelter in the strange and noisy world of the human city, a place entirely unlike the forests they are accustomed to. In this new environment, they must learn how to survive and hide, slipping silently through the moonlit streets while making sure that their cubs grow up safely. As their cubs grow, they are full of fun and mischief, giving their parents a lot of worries. These young foxes do not understand the dangers their parents have escaped from, and how perilous their new home truly is, for all they want to do is play and have adventures. As the story progresses, they must learn the importance of the story of their parents' escape and how to be loyal to one another - to be true "Moonlight Foxes."

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