In his incisive new book, "The Self-Creating Universe", award-winning author J.J. Clarke explores a middle ground between the two seemingly conflicting fields of science and spirituality. In reconciling these often opposing domains, Clarke introduces readers to new ways of thinking about the world and our place in it. He proposes in an open-minded and undogmatic way that in the current global crisis, with continual conflicts over fundamental beliefs and values, there is a new way of thinking about the world which can inspire inquiring minds seeking a more hopeful road to our future on this planet.

"The Self-Creating Universe" is a wide-ranging attempt to explore this road and to map out a new philosophical synthesis. It opens up to the reader exciting new developments in many different fields, showing how these contribute to a worldview which addresses fundamental philosophical, moral and social questions. The key concept is creativity, in both nature and human life. Drawing on ideas from the history of philosophy, East as well as West, and from recent speculations in the sciences including cosmology and biology, the book offers bold conjectures about the emergence of new forms of order and self-organization in nature, in consciousness and in human life as a whole.

"My belief is that philosophy, which has been my life's work, should address itself to the fundamental needs of our time in ways which will appeal to the general educated public, and will involve them in a discussion of some of the most important ideas that are emerging from science and philosophy," Clarke said.

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