Glenn Davis, Jr. Launches First Book Mission: True Freedom, 2/10

August 27
9:34 2014
Glenn Davis, Jr. Launches First Book Mission: True Freedom, 2/10

Glenn Davis, Jr., claims that the financial strategy he outlines in his new book, Mission: True Freedom, saved his life. Although he was making "good money," he still struggled to pay his bills every month (working 12 hours a day). He became perplexed at how difficult it was to get ahead these days. Through a series of life events and professional training, he learned little-known principles of cash flow management, finding wasted money in any budget, how to pay off debt quicker, and make his money work for him through a dummy-proof investing program. He also learned how to view and treat money differently, as well as even build a part time home business to increase his household income.

Due to Glenn's passion to share this information with others, he decided to write down the components of his plan and share his knowledge on sound financial principles. "Long ago I discovered my passion, which is to help people attain financial abundance through smart financial habits as well as building a home-based business that provides passive income," says Glenn. His new book, Mission: True Freedom, due to be published by Next Century Publishing on February 10, 2015, contains his advice on making a financial plan to get out of debt and to manage money successfully, resulting in living a financial free lifestyle.

Glenn's book is a 12 week program that is divided into four "Assignments" that include eight "Objectives" for a total of 21 "Tasks." As readers complete these tasks, they will not only learn but will be actively building their dream life through this financial plan. Readers will learn more about how to build a strong foundation of health, attitude, and knowledge; how to manage and free up cash flow in order to build an emergency fund, payoff debt, invest, and will even learn how to protect their financial "lifestyle" plan through risk management strategies. Readers will uncover unsuspected money in their budgets that will allow them to gain financial freedom in the shortest time possible and ultimately become wealthy using simple methods that anyone can understand.


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