Fourth Story from Best Selling Children's Picture Book Series Launches as App

Fourth Story from Best Selling Children's Picture Book Series Launches as App

Cologne, Germany

Bastei Entertainment brings a new story from Klaus Baumgart's bestselling "Laura's Star" picture book series to the mobile market with the interactive children's storybook app, Laura's Journey to the Stars, now available for iOS and Android devices.

Recommended for children age's two to five, Laura's Journey to the Stars tells the story of Laura and her little brother Tommy as they blast off into a world of imagination in search of a star! This sweet story of love and friendships is brought to life with easy-to-follow narration (available in English, Mandarin and German), interactive animations, fun sound effects, and casual mini games including 'Match the Sock' and 'Whack an Alien.'

With over 7.5 million books in the "Laura's Star" series sold worldwide, Laura's Journey to the Stars is the fourth book in the "Laura's Star" series to enter the app market.

"We developed the idea for the Laura's Journey to the Stars app in collaboration with the author and illustrator Klaus Baumgart," says Sabrina Glodde, project manager for Bastei Entertainment. "We realized if we wanted the story to reach a larger audience, we needed to use all media channels to do so. The development team was inspired by movies, television and games. And of course, by watching their own children play with apps and seeing what features they enjoyed most."

Features of Laura's Journey to the Stars includes:

  • Beautifully drawn illustrations by the popular children's book illustrator Klaus Baumgart
  • More than 80 animated scenes, clever sound effects, and engaging mini games
  • Captivating narration by native speakers in three languages: English, German, and Mandarin Chinese
  • Intuitive, child-friendly controls
  • Social media sharing, volume and language controls, and library panel accessible via the title page's teddy bear
  • No in-app purchases

Laura's Journey to the Stars is available now for $2.99 in the iTunes App Store, Google Play Store, Samsung App Market, and Amazon Appstore.