'Foreshadows' by Sharon Harp Gregory is Released

'Foreshadows' by Sharon Harp Gregory is Released

According to CNN, a 4,000-year-old tablet containing a message similar to that of the Biblical story, "Noah's Ark" was recently discovered in modern-day Iraq. Are the past, present and future coming together?

Devout Christian Sharon Harp Gregory's new historical fiction, "Foreshadows," draws compelling connections between life before the Flood of Noah and life now as a means to predict where our present world is headed, based on the author's findings after 8 years of research.

"I love reading and studying the Bible," Gregory says. "I got to thinking about how Noah and his family must have felt to be the only ones to survive a major catastrophe that took away not only everyone they knew, but changed their whole world."

"Foreshadows" explores similarities between people who lived before the flood of Noah and people in today's society. Parallels depicted in the book include man's inhumanity to man, depravity and greed, lust for power and wealth, and rejection of God.

As told through authentic, vibrant and realistic characters, Gregory's new book is meant to provide readers with the means to contemplate their own views on God and man's beginnings.

"I designed 'Foreshadows' to be entertaining," Gregory says. "But I also wanted to challenge people to consider how the evils of today are like those in Noah's day, bringing judgment upon the unbelieving civilization whose spiritual depravity belied their superior intellect."

"Foreshadows" by Sharon Harp Gregory
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About the author
Sharon, a native-born Idahoan and oldest of six children, spent her younger years in several tiny logging towns scattered amongst the beautiful Rocky Mountains. The quiet, slow-paced life she experienced as a child developed within her a love for writing and art. When her father left logging to become a long-haul truck driver, he moved the family to Boise, Idaho where she finished her education and married. She and her husband currently live in Boise, where they run an in-home Christian day care. They have three grown children and six grandchildren.

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