Ervin Goode Pens New Inspirational Book, MAKING YOUR GOALS FIRST CLASS

Ervin Goode Pens New Inspirational Book, MAKING YOUR GOALS FIRST CLASS

"Making Your Goals First Class: Five Principals You Need to Know to Succeed at Your Goals" (published by Trafford Publishing), the new book by debut author Ervin Goode, outlines five principles that will help inspire people to stay or get back on track of achieving their goals.

There is a burning desire in most people to find an answer to the questions, "Why am I here?" and "What is my purpose in life?" Ervin Goode, too, posed these questions to himself. Yet, it was a chance interaction with a homeless man sleeping on a sidewalk that gave him the inspiration to help people stay focus on their dreams and passion in life.

When one learns to view their goals from a higher state of mind, they start to see the big picture, and their goals become more clear and achievable, explains Ervin Goode in "Making Your Goals First Class". The book outlines how focus, faith, flexibility, follow-through, and fun can help people achieve their goals.

"I believe that we all have special talent that is unique to us," says Ervin Goode. "Trying to understand our passion and learning how to use our gift is sometimes difficult. Many people create goals but fail, so I hope this book will help change that."

"Making Your Goals First Class"
By Ervin Goode
Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 52 pages | ISBN 9781466929203
E-Book | 52 pages | ISBN 9781466929210
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

About the Author
Ervin Goode has been in a Leadership position in the Oil and Gas Industry, over 15 years. While working in a diversified work force he has realized that we all have similar motivations and personal desires. With God and goals, he believes people can stay on track and continue to achieve their long range Goals. With enough effort, hard work and written goals everyone can achieve something great and meaningful.

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