Duncan Shelley Releases New Novel, THE TASTE OF FEAR

May 22
5:55 2013

Duncan Shelley Releases New Novel, THE TASTE OF FEAR

Duncan Shelley, author of "Murderers of the Mind," presents a new tale that seamlessly blends science fiction and horror, titled Paktum I: The Taste of Fear. In his terrifying vision of the future, Shelley posits not the classic alien invasion, ala H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds; instead, he presents an even more chilling alternative, a dystopian scenario where a cabal of human leaders has sold the population out to extraterrestrials craving for human flesh.

"Human meat. Lean meat, fifty nine and a half million pounds annually," the aliens demand. They do not wish to invade Earth for its resources, nor do they want to subjugate its people or wage an epic war of extermination. All they want is a steady supply of human meat to meet the demands of their interstellar restaurant chain. To make matters worse, for the palate of the voracious extraterrestrials, the dish is best prepared when the human being is gripped with fear and anguish in his or her final moments - an experience that suffuses the flesh with appetizing hormones, the ultimate seasoning for their acts of gustatory genocide.

The aliens have human confederates tasked with providing their supply, powerful men corrupted into betraying their own species by the prospects of immortality. The mass disappearances and abductions do not go by unnoticed, however, as the intelligence agencies and militaries of the world governments begin to investigate the case. Extraordinary individuals with superhuman abilities also come to their aid as well. As the plot thickens, the alien restaurateurs and their allies may very well discover that they might have bitten off more than they can chew.


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