Dr. Vincent N. Cefalu Reveals a Physician's True Story in New Book

Dr. Vincent N. Cefalu Reveals a Physician's True Story in New Book

Dr. Vincent N. Cefalu confronts the problems in the medical system. As a family practice physician, his first-hand experiences during his 30 year tenure in a Louisiana parish gave him the chance to deal with patients from the rural community. He realized the loopholes that needed attention and which he will highlight in his new publication, "Through A Doctor's Eyes: Our Problematic System".

In this book, he explains the extreme importance of the physician's role, especially in a rural community. He reveals some of his innermost secrets and confessions that he held for many years, regardless of how gross or gruesome they may seem. He also presents a highly-opinionated version with substantive documentation as to how and why the medical system is in dire need of revamping. He informs the general public of the tremendous waste and ineffectiveness of the government when it comes to medications and controls, along with detailing his general dissatisfaction and conflicts with the Food and Drug Administration and various other governmental agencies.

"Although the practice of medicine has changed somewhat since my practice, the same problems still exist," the author shares.

Readers will be able to get a glimpse of how a rural physician practices medicine and the type of cases that he experiences. Dr. Cefalu shares with them the numerous disagreements and battles that he fought with some of the governmental agencies. He also gives his insights about the dangers of marijuana and other addicting substances, the serious problems with both our prescription and over-the-counter medications, and the benefits of Obamacare. An insightful and valuable book, "Through A Doctor's Eyes: Our Problematic System" tells a true story of the practice of medicine, the difficulties, the problems and the real-life situations that exist.

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