Dr. Peter J. Morry Releases New Book, BECOMING

Dr. Peter J. Morry Releases New Book, BECOMING

Many intellectuals are concerned with the direction society is heading. Dr. Peter Morry has written a novel titled "Becoming" that addresses societal concerns and stimulates readers to have meaningful conversations about controversial topics.

"By having their core beliefs challenged, readers will be open to developing a greater understanding of the world around them," Morry said. "The ideas presented in "Becoming" are meant to foster debate and evoke change on both a personal and societal level."

"Becoming" is a journey into the meaning of life. Using poetry and prose, the book identifies negative forces in our lives and proposes strategies to change these into positive forces. The novel is a passage to self-discovery as well as an unearthing of the forces in our lives and the universe.

The book chronicles an extremely wide range of controversial topics including, but not limited to religion, war, sexuality, media, corruption and education.

"It's an immensely emotional book that is both radical and controversial in its approach to taboo topics," Morry said.

By Dr. Peter J. Morry
ISBN: 978-1-4918-2845-8
Price: $19.95
Available at: Amazon, AuthorHouse and Barnes and Noble online bookstores

About the Author

Dr. Peter J. Morry was born in1947 in Ferryland, a small fishing village that has been home to his family for more than 200 years. He graduated from Memorial University in 1976 and practices medicine at Blackmarsh Family Care in St. John's, Newfoundland. Morry lives with his wife Josephine and has three grown children. He has been writing for more than 40 years and "Becoming" is representative of the depth of his passions and the diverse nature of his interests.

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