Dr. Kevin Ronneberg Releases Debut Book, '100 Small Steps: The First 100 Pounds'

June 2
7:12 2014
Dr. Kevin Ronneberg Releases Debut Book, '100 Small Steps: The First 100 Pounds'

Minneapolis, MN

In his debut book 100 Small Steps: The First 100 Pounds - Think Right, (2014, Morgan James) Wisconsin author Keith "Temple" Trotter speaks candidly about his emotional journey to losing over 150 pounds. The book takes readers on a journey uncovering the 'why' and making the goal of achieving sustainable weight loss a reality.

Change can be painful and cause uncertainty. Trotter demonstrates that by taking small steps to overcome psychological obstacles and celebrating incremental victories, you can take control of your life with power and purpose.

He had some expert advice along the way.

Dr. Kevin Ronneberg is a board certified family medicine physician who has focused on sports medicine and wellness for 14 years. He and Keith met while working together at a regional health plan in the Twin Cities. "We met over lunch and what he shared with me that day was nothing short of inspirational." Said Dr. Ronneberg. Mr. Trotter was equally impressed with Kevin. "I knew I had to have him as part of the project so I didn't hesitate to ask him to write the foreword!"

Other professionals are talking about it too.

"Keith Trotter's small steps delivers huge results. Vulnerability that creates confidence. Research that strengthens instinct. Success driven from an acceptance and understanding of failures"
Pat Sukhum - Co-Founder, RedBrick Health

"This book is not just about weight loss, it is about making lasting changes to one's life."
-Peter Mills, MD, Director, co-founder nGage Health

Think Right is the first of a three book series. When Trotter pitched the book to the publisher one aspect struck a chord with the hadn't been done before. "In my research I was shocked how there wasn't any commercial material dealing with the psychological aspects of weight loss, even though there have been studies done proving there is a positive correlation between the two. For example, one study showed that if you are over-weight you are 55% more likely to develop depression and if you're depressed you are 58% more likely to become over-weight. The public needs to be aware that mental health is physical health and vice-versa."

About Keith "Temple" Trotter

Keith "Temple" Trotter is founder of A. Keith Consulting, and author of the blog and book 100 Small Steps: The First 100 Pounds. (2014, Morgan James) His inspirational weight loss story has been featured in Healthy Living Magazine, on,, and on the OWN TV program Love In the City.

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