Douglas Casimiri Pens Self-Help Book

Douglas Casimiri Pens Self-Help Book

This recently published book, "Christians Remember Your Past Lives - Learn How," is a must read for everyone; it may change the way people currently look at life challenges, irrational fear or unwanted behavior. This is a how-to book, which will show the reader a step-by-step process for recalling past life memories. This process is simple and natural. The key to your future may lie in unlocking the past.

The book comes complete with a test at the end of the book, so that a reader can submit it for review, if one desires to become a certified past life regression facilitator.

The Author claims everyone has past life memories, even if they don't believe in reincarnation. Who were you in a Past life? What personally traits did you bring forward into your present life? Can't explain some fears or phobias? Drawn to certain time periods or places? The answers may be found in the far past, in a different lifetime.

The Author says the most amazing part of past life exploration is, when the reader is taken back in time, they get to relive life as it was. If readers are fortunate, they may be able to remember their name, place of birth and other vital information. Then they can research their previous life history and verify the facts. Truly inspiring - knowing we never die, just change form.

The author claims the title "Christians Remember Your Past Lives" is to remind Christians reincarnation is their birthright. This is what Jesus meant by everlasting life: it was through reincarnation. Jesus was an Essene Rabbi - part of their belief system was pre-existent and reincarnation. It's obvious because Jesus was an Essene Rabbi this belief system would have been shared with his followers. Further proof is that reincarnation was part of the early Christian belief system for the first 300 years after Jesus' death. Then the church decided to remove reincarnation from Jesus' original teachings and Christian Doctrine. All the Bibles were confiscated and rewritten, leaving most references to reincarnation out. The followers of Jesus' original teaching about reincarnation were hunted down and forced to accept this new church doctrine or be eliminated. This book is backed up with Historical facts and assumptions that will be very hard to dispute.

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