Deep Sea Treasure Hunt Novel Wins First Place for Romance

Deep Sea Treasure Hunt Novel Wins First Place for Romance

Troutdale, Oregon

Winner of First Place in the 2013 Reader Views Literary Awards Romance category, Kaylin McFarren's newest novel has everything from two romantically involved business partners to a desperate race to save Japan from a monk's terrifying prophecy and three ancient Samurai swords buried in the ocean's depths. Before it's over, more than treasure will be unburied in "Buried Threads" (ISBN 9781492120469, Creative Edge Publishing LLC 2013).

Rachel Lyons and Chase Cohen, successful partners in a treasure-hunting business, are trying to sort out their feelings for one another when adventure calls. Their quest begins when Shinzo, a clairvoyant Buddhist monk, experiences a frightening vision of Japan being completely destroyed by an enormous earthquake. To prevent the earthquake from happening, he hires Rachel and Chase to recover three stolen samurai swords belonging to a cursed prince before the next blue moon when the prophecy comes true.

Complications ensue when Chase withholds information from Rachel and when it becomes clear he is completely in love with her. But Rachel's insecurities and fear of abandonment create a wall between them. As the lovers journey through shark-infested waters, creepy caves, and haunted hidden tombs, and as they are threatened by Yukuza gang members, they find their love tested like never before. Their erotic feelings for one another and the high risk suspense combine to make "Buried Threads" a reading treat worthy of first place for Romance in the Reader Views Literary Awards.

Reader Views reviews more than 2,000 books per year by self-published and small press authors. Its Annual Literary Awards recognize the very best of these up-and-coming authors, many of whom write outside the formulaic constraints of their genres. Kaylin McFarren epitomizes that originality and fresh perspective needed by the romance genre.