Dana A. Oliver Discusses 'Mantra Leadership' in New Book

Dana A. Oliver Discusses 'Mantra Leadership' in New Book

Jacksonville, Fla.

In his incisive new book, Dana A. Oliver introduces a unique management philosophy called mantra leadership. Grounded on Oliver's 30 years of experience as a senior research and development director, "Mantra Leadership: Don't Become the Emperor with No Clothes!" features mantras merged into a simple yet powerful and effective leadership style which both aspiring and veteran leaders will find useful.

"Mantra Leadership" is a treasure trove of practical business leadership techniques and skills relevant to any business person who needs to lead people. It teaches skills that are necessary but are not taught in school such as hiring techniques, achieving business priority and success and the importance of an open and honest culture for business success. It also shares in great detail the effects of favorable and unfavorable leadership styles and qualities and distills these essential leadership skills into mantras, each mantra has a dedicated chapter in the book.

An excerpt from "Mantra Leadership" reads,

"Leadership is inclusive of many things, but in its narrowest definition it is about influencing others. Learning and education are most effective through repetition and practice. 'Mantra Leadership' is the convergence of continuing leadership education through the utilization of essential leadership mantras."

A modern-day business and leadership book, "Mantra Leadership" is a must-read for leaders who want to have lasting influence on their followers and ultimately achieve success in whatever arena they choose to compete in.

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