Cheryl Metrick and Jeree Wade Launch ON THE WINGS OF INSPIRATION

Cheryl Metrick and Jeree Wade Launch ON THE WINGS OF INSPIRATION

Cheryl Metrick is an author, artist, poet, singer and a New York SAG-AFTRA actress for over 25 years in theater, television and film. Jeree Wade, M.A. is a Montclair, New Jersey-based life coach, counselor, producer, and performer. Both driven and brought together by a common passion, these two multi-talented women collaborate and release a newly published book, titled On the Wings of Inspiration: Exploring Our Inner Life through Interpretive Symbols.

The book is based on 13 of Metrick's drawings and poems and is about her journey into the art to find her personal, true meaning of life within. Although based on her art and autobiography, with Wade's commentary also adding a bit of her own autobiography for emphasis, topics from the metaphysical philosophies to spirituality, humanitarianism, ecology, and energy systems are explored. These leave readers with a desire to reflect upon their lives and who they truly are with a sense of encouragement to creatively become who they want to be.

The commentary and workbook sections delve into symbolism to guide readers through an analytical process to achieve greater awareness, become mindful, and set guidelines in the continued pursuit of a purposeful and fulfilling life. They include a wide range of themes - compassion, intention and focus, manifestation, balance, transformation, maturation, renewal, self-knowledge, self-sabotage, self-awareness, death, letting go, and the meaning of time - leading readers to take a personal journey to self-awareness and inner growth.

A seamless blend of autobiographical, physical, metaphysical and spiritual elements, On the Wings of Inspiration is one book that will not fail to touch readers' hearts and minds and spur them to reawaken their creative selves. Metrick and Wade have indeed successfully set an example and created a guided process to support readers to move into a more peaceful and more centered place to understand and implement life's lessons.

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