Carol M. Maloney Inspires Stroke Victims in FINDING MY VOICE WITH APHASIA

Carol M. Maloney Inspires Stroke Victims in FINDING MY VOICE WITH APHASIA

In her newly published memoir, "Finding My Voice with Aphasia: Walking through Aphasia" (published by iUniverse), educator Carol M. Maloney presents an incredibly inspiring story of tenacity, grace and undeterred resolve.

On June 9, 2009, Maloney experienced a transient ischemic attack in the left hemisphere of her brain. Her mind deteriorated to the point where she could not speak, walk, read or recall her family.

"After eighteen months of rehabilitation, she was finally able to communicate with others by using her hand as a metronome," shares Professor J. Diane Connell, Ed.D., who provides an endorsement of the book. "The frustration of having the words and sentences formed in her mind but being unable to share them caused frustration and depression. Her verbal abilities suffered, along with her reading and comprehension skills. Even so, hard work, strong will, and persistence has allowed her to reach out to other teachers to offer new insight into the minds of her beloved special-education and reading-disabled students."

Now, several years after the stroke, Maloney continues to improve and has become a dedicated advocate in aphasia awareness.

"Making people aware of aphasia is what inspired this book," she shares. "I'm inspired to reach out to other stroke survivors and the aphasia population to offer inspiration, understanding and support."