'Born to be Humanist' is Released

'Born to be Humanist' is Released

What do Mother Teresa, Galileo and Abraham Lincoln have in common? Author Dragan Bogunovic believes these three historical figures utilized their natural talents to better humanity.

Bogunovic two new books, "Born to be Humanist" and "Heavenly Wisdom," share words of wisdom from these individuals, and many more, to demonstrate how and why their contributions bettered humanity. Both books explain the importance of each human's natural talent to save humanity.

"My first book 'Born to be Humanist' comes with inspirational sentences as result of human experiences and connects each statement to faith," Bogunovic said. "Humanities reasons for life and faith go together, hand by hand."

Bogunovic's second book "Heavenly Wisdom" explains the inspirational quotes by linking them to a biblical connection. Each chapter is composed of inspirational sentences with analytical and practical descriptions, concluded with a statement from the Bible.

"Humanistic movements have been seen as a war between reason and faith, something that is separate from our life, but this is not true," Bogunovic said. "In my books, I present how reason and faith are both a part of our life."

"Born to be Humanist"
ISBN: 9781491829585
Retail price: $12.95
"Heavenly Wisdom"
ISBN: 9781481765121
Retail price: $29.95
Author: Dragan Bogunovic
Both books available in e-book, hardcover and paperback

About the author
Dr. Dragan P. Bogunovic was born in Yugoslavia. He practiced medicine for more than 50 years and retired in 2008. He was also involved in sports medicine, a member of U.S. Olympic boxing team, as head of safety and education. He was voted "Doctor of the Year" by the 1984 Boxing Federation. Bogunovic currently resides in Wisconsin as a loving husband and father.


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