Bill Fortin's 'Red Eye: Fulda Cold' is Released

Bill Fortin's 'Red Eye: Fulda Cold' is Released

Author Bill Fortin deftly combines fictional characters and people he served with in the United States Army to recount some important but little-known events during the Cold War. His story takes the reader to the people and places of the late 1960s European Military Community and a series of carefully crafted CIA military operations designed to thwart a possible Russian invasion through the infamous Fulda Gap.

In early 1967, NATO and the U.S. received intelligence that the Russian high command no longer considered the MAD policy (Mutually Assured Destruction) to be a deterrent to the invasion of Western Europe. The CIA recommended, and NATO authorized a "think tank" to formulate new strategies to deal with this heightened threat. "RedEye: Fulda Cold" is an account of the shift in strategic thinking and resulting military operations.

Rick Fontain is a 19 year old college student when he is drafted into the Army. He narrates this fascinating tale of emerging high tech weaponry, military strategy, and international intrigue. Central to the action is RedEye - the Army's first shoulder-fired guided missile system and a first glimpse of our development of drone aircraft technology. Rick's aptitude for the new infra-red sensor technology and his leadership skills place him and his handpicked team at the center of this high stakes political and military game of cat and mouse.

"RedEye: Fulda Cold" depicts the best qualities of American youth in the 1960s. While this story is fiction, it addresses real life issues about overcoming adversity, having a positive attitude, serving one's country and developing an unshakeable esprit de corps. We can see these same inspiring values in the men and women who proudly serve in the U.S. military that protect our precious freedoms today.

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