'Beyond Reform: Systemic Shifts Toward Personalized Learning' is Released

'Beyond Reform: Systemic Shifts Toward Personalized Learning' is Released

BLOOMINGTON, IN - Marzano Research, an all-inclusive research-into-practice resource center for educators, has announced the release of Beyond Reform: Systemic Shifts Toward Personalized Learning by Lindsay Unified School District (LUSD).

Through this detailed resource, LUSD shares how they improved student learning by shifting from a traditional time-based education system to a learner-centered performance-based system. LUSD's successful implementation of performance-based education has become an inspiration for schools and districts around the country.

By adopting and tailoring LUSD's instructional model to their needs, K-12 teachers and administrators can embark on their own districtwide transformation efforts. "No longer does the responsibility fall to one entity within the school to communicate a learner's progress," the authors explain. "Instead, there is a web of stakeholders who are empowered to hold each other accountable for the sake of learners and advocate for what best serves learners' needs."

LUSD struggled under a traditional system for many years with low levels of literacy, low test scores, and graduates who were unprepared for life. Envisioning and building a new, mastery-based system from the ground up allowed the district to radically improve student engagement, achievement and college and career readiness.

"The journey of Lindsay Unified is one of the great stories that gives me hope and inspiration for the future of education," stated Jeff Wetzler, cofounder of Transcend. "Its lessons on system transformation are powerful, not only for education leaders but for system leaders in all sectors."

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