Barbara Sword Turner Releases Memoir About Embracing Her Past and Moving On

Some emotional pains take years to be completely eradicated. Some scars run deeper than most, but that does not mean that they cannot be healed by God's power. God would not give his people more than they can handle. Author Barbara Sword Turner, like many others, is no different. Her new publication, Bitter Root Judgment, is a recollection of her past. She looks back into years of pain and suffering.

As a child, she never knew joy, the kind that families share. They were scarce of the thing called love. She has always heard that one does not miss what one never had. However, it did not stop her from feeling the neglect that affected her life even after salvation. She is a woman who is used to looking after herself. She has an independent spirit that allowed her to survive amidst all the hardships and sufferings she had been through. Her journey is one bumpy ride that let her discover the inner strength within her to face everything without giving up.

Many changes have happened in her life as a Christian. She chooses to walk by faith and not by sight. Although she never knew the feeling of love, she had looked for it and sometimes, her search led her in all the wrong places. For many years, she had experienced the bitter root that infiltrated her judgment and clouded her vision in viewing life. It is her aim to encourage readers in opening their hearts and letting Jesus into their lives.

An inspiring and truly motivational book, Bitter Root Judgment will let the readers look into their past and find the courage to accept and embrace that part of them as it shapes them into the person they are now. This book also imparts to them an important lesson in life - that sufferings and pain are inevitable but a strong faith in the Almighty God will get anyone through the toughest times and the roughest storms.

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