Author Teaches Children How to Defeat Bullies in 'Hal Knows Martial Arts'

Author Teaches Children How to Defeat Bullies in 'Hal Knows Martial Arts'

According to NBC News, the effects of bullying can linger in a child's life long after the bullying has ended. How can we help children defend themselves without using violence?

"Hal Knows Martial Arts" by Vickie Erickson is an insightful children's book that teaches the benefits of martial arts and self-defense.

Readers follow 11-year-old Hal Johnson as he attends martial arts class and encounters bullying at school. As Hal tries to help out his friend Tony, an aspiring martial artist and victim of a school bully, readers learn lessons about problem solving, friendship and bullying.

"Martial arts is not about being violent, but about problem solving, learning to defend yourself and building confidence," Erickson said.

Erickson, a mother of four and brown belt in martial arts, is passionate about bringing bullying to an end. Her hope is that "Hal Knows Martial Arts" provides children and families with the tools they need to learn self-defense.

"Hal Knows Martial Arts"
By Vickie Erickson
ISBN: 978-1-4918-4138-9
Retail price: $20.99
Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Author House online bookstores

About the Author

Vickie Erickson is a mother, educational aide and Sunday school director who has been training in martial arts for more than four years. Inspired to write the story by her eldest son, Erickson hopes to teach readers the benefits of martial arts and the importance of sticking by your friends. She currently resides in Centuria, Wis.

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