Anika .B. Connage Returns With ALL BY FAITH

Anika .B. Connage Returns With ALL BY FAITH


After publishing her children's book, titled "The Adventures of Ben: The School Report," author Anika .B. Connage returns with a spiritual book that documents her real life faith journey from age four to 34, titled "All by Faith: Coincidence?" The book mainly answers the question who God is. It reveals the author's personal experiences, which are validated by family and friends, highlighting God's desire to be involved in people's lives.

It is an interesting read with fun stories that will capture the reader's imagination in a humorous and conversational manner involving readers. It addresses questions people may have like, "Why is there suffering and violence in the world?" Anyone who has a desire or question such as, "Is there more to life?' will find the clues to the answer in this book.

The book addresses concrete issues like overcoming health and financial problems, healing from illnesses, broken bones and even broken marriages, or something as lighthearted as hair growing back supernaturally or as practical like money being provided when bills are needed to be paid. It provides real life testimonies of God's supernatural power at work today in people's lives and not simply doctrinal teachings.

Practical and spiritually uplifting, "All by Faith: Coincidence?" is a book that will increase faith for anyone who reads this book, whether he or she believes in God or not. With first-hand accounts, Connage offers a relatable and oftentimes amusing account of God's Divine interventions. It is a book that makes God and all things spiritual very real in this present society that has been blinded by the advancement of science and technology.