'Al's Twisted Mind' Reveals Story About a Woman's Treacherous Marriage

Author Marie Jensun reveals a compelling tale that sheds light into one man's deviated fetishes in her new publication, "Al's Twisted Mind." This book introduces Marie, a woman with traditional views who fell into a trap and endured a marriage where she gets more than she bargained for. It is her fondest wish to escape her husband's eccentric preference, but where will she go? Who can save her from him?

Being religious and having sinfully lost her virginity, Marie Jensun thinks no man will have her for a wife. She is desperate to find a husband, so she confides in Al. He says he will marry her anyway. After nearly two years of being married to him, she learned of her husband's deep and masochistic and sexually deviant thoughts known as paraphilia. Al's promise, of "Just one more time," and I will change," gives her hope that someday he will. She hangs on to her oath, "Until death do us part" and participates in his sexual needs, his way, staying just one more time over and over for twenty-four years before her endurance gives way, and she lands into the arms of a playboy lover.

This book uncovers a story very seldom written about, where a wife puts up with her husband's unconventional preferences against her will. It also briefly touches on child molestation as this has been thought to cause Al to become paraphiliac. The author also represents countless women out there who are mistreated by their partners, whether emotionally or physically. She shows how enough courage and determination have the power to set her free.

"Al's Twisted Mind" will let readers experience a woman's treacherous journey as she deals with a marriage that slowly tears her apart.

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About the Author
Marie Jensun worked in a paper manufacturing plant for forty-two years. She is retired and now spends most of her time reminiscing and entertaining herself by writing. She has written and published a community historical and several magazine articles. She is a past member of Willamette Writers in Portland, Ore. and studies writing enthusiastically.

Al's Twisted Mind * by Marie Jensun
One More Time, Hon
Publication Date: October 4, 2013
Trade Paperback; $19.99; 288 pages; 978-1-4931-0498-7
Trade Hardback; $29.99; 288 pages; 978-1-4931-0499-4
eBook; $3.99; 978-1-4931-0500-7

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