Alice Adamek Shares Her 'Journey After Death'

Alice Adamek Shares Her 'Journey After Death'

Some people wait for death. Some people experience it unexpectedly. Others force it, and most people, at one time or another; have contemplated what happens after death. It is one of the great mysteries of life. But author Alice Adamek's extraordinary encounter with death was highly remarkable.

"My Journey after Death" recalls Adamek's journey through hell and how this most incredible near death experience change her life forever. On the day she was rushed at a Virginia hospital after a massive heart attack, Alice experienced a beautiful journey as she crosses over to the other side. When she encountered a figure known as the grim reaper, she encountered a man who was fair, beautiful, robust, and had rosy cheeks. The fear she anticipated on meeting him someday was immediately dissipated. He held a pair of scissors, not a sickle, and was not dressed in black.

On her journey through hell, Alice walked a thin line, with angels guiding her along, knowing if she missed one step she would be gone forever. The terrifying bubbling black oil with figures reaching out and calling to her was a temptation she found not hard to resist. Her final destination was a room that shimmered with oblique rays of beautiful lights shining down on her. As the angels evaporated into the light, she was bewildered and she asked the first of many questions. The answers were deeply moving, and it changed her life forever.

Today, Alice is more contented than she have ever been. Her fear of death is gone; her understanding of what it is all about has all been answered. "My Journey after Death" will open the hearts and mind of readers on how to make their lifelong lesson and journey on earth. It will appeal to those who have been on the road of death and to everyone who has wondered about life and death.

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