Stories have the power to heal. Stories can support people when painful memories impinge on their daily life. But stories can also prevent them from living fully, especially when they are buried deep within their soul.

If people have experienced violence or struggled with unhealthy relationships, A Brave True Story can help them see that they are not alone and that they have many choices to transform their life. They can get rid of negative emotions like pain, shame, or guilt. They can increase their awareness about areas where they need to look more closely. And they can gently explore their untold stories and search for their beauty.

Natalie's memoir shows that the power to heal resides within each person. It helps people to find new ways to nurture and unfold their full potential.

A Brave True Story does not give the one-and-only recipe, but a human experience with inspiration and thought-provoking impulses for each person's healing journey. This book encourages them to become whole, to say no to violence and unhealthy relationships, and to live life fully. It can also help them to restore hope and find meaning.

As the author notes, "I share my story not for me, but for you. A Brave True Story is my deeply personal account of a healing journey from violence and unhealthy relationships to a life lived with fulfillment, passion, and love."

She continues, "As a young child, I was not supported or protected and, as a result, I grew into a woman who had abandoned herself. A trip to Thailand opened my eyes enough to start listening to my inner voice. I left behind loveless relationships and released painful emotions. And I finally recovered my deep love for myself. This is how I ultimately became whole again."

A Brave True Story is a story about accepting, forgiving, and ultimately finding inner peace and joy.

What others say:

"[A] delicate memoir about a woman's path to healing the darkness of violence and suffering....[The author's] utter simplicity and directness-her impeccable inner child's innocence-win our she shines her gentle, steady light through the scary woods to open roads and unexpected opportunity."
R. S. Evans, human ecologist, author of RICE

"If you loved Angela's Ashes, you'll love - and be incredibly moved by - A Brave, True Story."
John Kremer, author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books

"A Brave, True Story gives an intimate vision of what true healing is all about. An inspirational, from-the-soul book and a very personal message with light and love."
Urs Milz, executive coach, author of The Trillion Dollar IT Revolution

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