BWW Reviews: DOROTHY AND THE WIZARD OF OZ For All Audience Members

BWW Reviews: DOROTHY AND THE WIZARD OF OZ For All Audience Members
Top Row (left to right): Wicked Witch- Michelle Bass, Scarecrow- Jordan Peterson, The Wizard- Eric D Ellis, Tin Man- Matthew Kelly, Glinda- Sarah Wright
Bottom Row (left to right): Cowardly Lion- Mike Cronen, Dorothy- Shannon Foy, Toto
Photo taken by: Cliff Marks Jr Photography

Treasure Valley Children's Theater is starting its second year with this audience participation play, DOROTHY AND THE WIZARD OF OZ by Stephen and Katherine Hotchner.

My children are no longer children, so I went and just enjoyed watching the performance- from the audience and the cast.

If you have seen the movie, the storyline will not disappoint. I have not read the book, so I cannot speak to the accuracy of the plot to the book's plot. If you have not seen the movie yet, it will not be an issue. Everything is very simplified and you will be able to follow the story easily, as will the younger audience members.

The actors in the company are great and the cast of this show is no different. They all speak loud enough to be heard and each has a voice distinctive of their characters. Even the youngest of audiences members will understand the characteristics of each character due to the way their voices sound: sweet as sugar (Glenda), innocent and unsure (Dorothy), rough and timid (Lion) and so forth. It is great when you can tell by watching the younger audience members that they are getting into the story even if they cannot follow what is being said.

BWW Reviews: DOROTHY AND THE WIZARD OF OZ For All Audience Members
Dorothy (Shannon Foy) and Scarecrow (Jordan Peterson)
with audience participant

This is an audience participation show. During the director's speech when she would asked the "munchkins" (what the audience is referred to) if they would be willing to help a few shook their heads "no". It was so much fun to watch once the show started, all of the munchkins were almost hopping up to help even before characters asked.

This is one of the great ways to introduce theatre to young audiences. They get involved and have a fun time and want to go more often. They may need to learn the proper etiquette for other types of productions, but at least they will want to go.

This show had the audience leaving on a high note. It is fun when you can start your day with energetic entertainment!

BWW Reviews: DOROTHY AND THE WIZARD OF OZ For All Audience Members
Tin Man (Matthew Kelly) and Dorothy (Shannon Foy)

Last two photos taken by: Kim Cater-Cram

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