BWW Reviews: BOOM by TMA at BSU

BWW Reviews: BOOM by TMA at BSU
Caitlin Susen

Boise State University Theatre Major's Association's (TMA)showcase this fall was BOOM By Peter Sinn Nachtrieb. To me this was more of a cerebral play than most. It is the tale of the beginning of life, well a possible beginning, sort of narrated by an eccentric character, Barbara played by Caitlin Susen. I say sort of narrated because she would make a comment here, a comment there then come out and summarize now and then and wrapped up the action for us at the end. The plot is secondary to the story. You may not be able to figure out exactly where the story is going, although you might.

The set did not give you a hint to the story. The performance was in the Danny Petterson Theatre at Boise State University, which is a black box theatre. The seating was set up in a face-to-face performance. That means that the seating banks were facing each other about 20 feet apart so the performance can take place between them. On one end was scaffolding, with a fridge and cabinet against it, a fish tank in the center and on the far end was a sofa. The scaffolding was for Barbara and the floor was for the two characters. At times it was odd, since some times the characters were on the couch and Barbara would comment or make a sound and it made it a tennis match a few times. Kudos to Caitlin Susen for staying in character the whole time, I did check at odd times.

Jules, played by David Cowan and Jo, by Megan Choate were the last man and woman on earth. Jules is a gay man, possibly and Jo was a virgin. Oh help the species. The space was an underground bunker and they are trapped in that bunker for nine months. In those nine months, the beginning of life has occurred. And Jules and Jo escape at the end of the nine months.

I really enjoyed where the story went. However it made the play we watched unnecessary. The ending could have been told in just a few lines at the very beginning. It was one of those plays that tried to make you think about things and question what you know.

The show made me wonder why TMA chose this particular show and why put it in the Christmas/Winter time slot as they have. I think the play was well produced, but I am just not sure it fit in with the holiday season.

BWW Reviews: BOOM by TMA at BSU
Megan Choate and David Cowan

Photos taken by Laurel Curtis

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